Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to Give Your Boss a Headache - Introduction to Dashboard & Report Design

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Charts, Gauges, Heat Maps,blinking icons and Don't forget about 3D. There are many ways to visualize a message, and just as many ways to make your bosses head spin. So if your just starting out and need a step in the right direction of what kind of things can cause a headache or if for some reason you would like to avoid them. Then this session is for you. This session is tool agnositc, and is tailored to the ideas around communicating infomation visually and effectively in which every visualization tool you plan to use.

A Matter of Time... In SSAS

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Ever as yourself what time of day it is? Like what time of day does our support desk get the most cases? What are my average sales per hour? When do I need to add more staff, or even perhaps am I over staffed? There are many situations in which being able to slice your data by time of day would be valuable. In this session we will review how to setup a time key and time dimension, configure it in an OLAP cube, and discuss implementing in a tablular model. 

Presentation Materials

Monday, November 11, 2013

Presentation Material for A Matter of Time in SSAS

From my Presentation on Creating and Using Time in SSAS.

Use the below scripts and samples to create a time dimension that will allow you to slice and dice down to the second.

A Matter of Time in SSAS